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Artificial rocks and waterfalls - In recent years, artificial rocks and waterfalls are becoming one of the most popular additions to swimming pools. Working as a hands-on contractor to create these unique and innovative structures is more than a job. It’s a passion! This type of construction is very labor intensive and yet very rewarding.   It takes a certain type of individual to help create these works of art.  Rocks and Waterfalls really enhance the structure of your swimming pool. They are tied into the actual hydraulics of your pool equipment, and in most cases they are sitting on top of the actual pool shell itself.

If your pool builder is planning on installing a water feature on your pool you should be very involved in the design of it.  Ask about how it is waterproofed and engineered.   Ask to meet and interview the company or individual that will be building the waterfall structure.   Many pool builders do not have enough knowledge of this type of construction and will hire another company to do the water feature.   Building a water feature is a process that should be taken very seriously.   In some cases you of your family will either be sitting underneath a waterfall or grotto, on top of it, or sliding down it.   If the water feature is not structurally sound you could be putting your family and your pool at risk.

When building a waterfall we take water from your pool and pump it up on top of a structure of rocks. This structure of rocks could be man-made or natural stone.  Once the water for the feature is taken from the body of water in the pool and pumped up into your water feature there should be several measures taken to ensure it is fully waterproofed.  Keep in mind the pool beam itself will support part of the actual rock structure. Some of these rock structures and waterfalls are very heavy.  To repair a waterfall that was improperly built could be a very difficult task. It may be even impossible and could be very expensive.   If one contractor seems to be much cheaper than the rest, it might just be “too good to be true.”  Short cuts could pose a big problem.

Ultimate Pool Design uses only one company to build our rock structures, waterfalls and slides – Artificial Environments Inc.   Artificial Environments Inc. is the leader of this type of construction and leads the entire pool industry for creating these artistic structures that combine structural elements of quality construction with the most beautiful hand sculpted concrete in the industry. They hire, employ, and train artists in this field and have become the only trusted contractor for the top pool firms in the state of Florida.

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Artificial rocks and waterfalls

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